Company valuation and M&A services

The valuation of a company serves a variety of purposes. However, essentially it is used to determine the purchase price or perform financial and tax due diligence services of a company, a part of a company or a brand.

Due to our long-term experience in the field of corporate transactions, we are able to provide a target-oriented valuation - depending on the purpose of the valuation. Tax aspects are always taken into account.

We have demonstrated in a large number of projects that we can successfully support company sales as well as the necessary discussions and negotiations.

Our services in the field of company valuation are:

  • Determination of a company value of partnerships and corporations according to IDW S1
  • Valuation of intangible or tangible assets according to IDW S5
  • Comprehensive support during the purchase or sale process
  • Tax audit and supervision of the corporate transaction
  • Due diligence audits

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Rouven Friederich

Graduate industrial engineer, tax consultant and auditor

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