Company succession and restructuring

Companies and markets are constantly changing. An initially manageable sole proprietorship with full liability of the owner can develop into a company with considerable liability risks.

The timely transformation into a new - and appropriate - legal form can be a decisive step towards the further development of the company.

In addition, succession planning is one of the greatest challenges for companies, businesses and private individuals.

One of the keys to success is serious and early planning for transferring your assets or business to the next generation. Topics such as the maintenance of a created corporate culture as well as the selection of a suitable successor or the future orientation of the company need to be considered.

It is essential that this topic is addressed properly and that competent advice on succession is provided as a basis for decision-making.

We support you to arrange and implement asset and company succession according to your ideas, wishes and needs. In doing so, we provide you with comprehensive advice on legal, tax and business management aspects.

Taking into account the respective tax consequences, to private company succession, we provide you with the best possible solution.

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Bernd Rischke

Graduate industrial engineer, tax consultant and auditor

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